For sharpers

Our sharper knowledge is way beyond average. We have our own marking chalks, spraying systems, staples and staplers and of course spare parts.

We have decided to show only the most popular spare parts on our offer, but if you cannot find what you want, please contact us. We will probably know what you are talking about, and the part you need might be in our warehouse.

Masterio SN2 colorific spraying system is installed in front of sharpers for automatic application of the staining fluid directly on the element.
Slipping-cleaning fluid for timber and furniture industry machines.
Bio oil from plant seeds with a slipping additive.
Chalk for marking timber. For industrial use, for dry and wet timber.
Universal cleaning-degreasing fluid.
Colorific fluid used in timber industry.
Neon red chalk with enhanced fluorescence. For industrial use, for dry and wet timber.
Red fluorescent chalk. For industrial use, for dry and wet timber.
Plastic staples used where there can be no corrosion and metal.
Wedge or twisted steel feeding rollers for sharpers.
Wedge or twisted rubberized feeding rollers for sharpers.
USB DISPENSER spraying system is installed on sharpers for automatic slipping fluid application directly on transversal saws.
TX-28P hand stapler for all types of plastic staples, studs and nails. It has an unique clip for staples and studs. Designed by staple producer, registered design.